Dogwood Designs & Staging: Growers Field

Tambra Woods interviewed in one of her staged houses.


Tambra Woods




Pre-Production, Production, Post Production


Social Media

Project Objectives:

  1. Produce a captivating talking head video that showcases Tambra's design and staging skills.

  2. Attract a loyal and engaged audience of real estate and design enthusiasts.

  3. Secure new staging clients.

  4. Develop a content strategy and promotional plan to maximize the video's reach and impact.

Project Scope:

Content Planning:

  • Collaborate with Tambra to outline her staging, advertising approach, and target audience.

  • Develop a script to ensure engagement with viewers.


  • Accompany Sarah on her travel adventures to capture stunning footage and authentic experiences.

  • Utilize high-quality camera equipment and stabilization tools for professional videography.

  • Record Tambra in a staged home that she just finished.


  • Edit the video to give the viewer a sense of Tambra's style and adding background music.

  • Incorporate eye-catching visual effects and transitions to maintain viewer engagement.

  • Optimize video length and format for various social media platforms.

Snaps From the Project

Ziggy & Tory continue to impress me, they make me look 10 years younger and do an amazing job with show casing my staging jobs.

Tambra Woods

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