Growers Field

Step into the elegance of Growers Field with our immersive real estate video, crafted for Angi Comley. Featuring stunning drone views and a cinematic interior tour, this video highlights the unique charm and features of the property, offering a captivating visual experience for potential buyers.


Angi Comley




Pre-prodcution, Production, Post-Production


Real Estate

Project Objectives:

  • Produce a captivating real estate walkthrough video for Growers Field, showcasing the property in a comprehensive and appealing manner.

  • Utilize drone footage to highlight the property's exterior and surroundings, providing a unique aerial perspective.

  • Create a cinematic interior walkthrough to accentuate the unique features and selling points of the house.

  • Assist real estate agent Angi Comley in effectively marketing the property to potential buyers.

Content Planning:


  • Coordinated with Angi Comley to understand the key selling points and unique features of the Growers Field property.

  • Planned a detailed shot list to ensure comprehensive coverage of both the exterior and interior of the house.

  • Arranged for drone and stabilization equipment to capture high-quality aerial and interior footage.


  • Conducted drone filming to capture the exterior of the property, emphasizing its layout, landscaping, and the surrounding area.

  • Filmed a detailed walkthrough of the interior, using cinematic techniques to showcase the space, design, and special features of the house.

  • Paid close attention to lighting and composition to enhance the visual appeal of each area of the property.


  • Edited the footage to create a smooth and engaging narrative flow, guiding potential buyers through the property.

  • Employed color grading and visual enhancements to ensure the video accurately represents the property's ambiance.

  • Added background music and subtle effects to complement the visual tour without overshadowing the property's features.


"The real estate walkthrough video for Growers Field became a key asset in Angi Comley's marketing strategy. The combination of drone and interior footage provided a comprehensive and enticing view of the property, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers. The video's cinematic quality and attention to detail helped in highlighting the unique aspects of the house, contributing to increased interest and inquiries."

Lessons Learned:

  • Effective visual storytelling in real estate videography can significantly enhance a property's marketability.

  • Combining aerial footage with interior cinematography provides a complete and engaging property overview.

  • Collaboration with the real estate agent is crucial to understand and capture the property's selling points.

Snaps From the Project

I was able to sell this property quickly with the help of Verified Supreme Media, I'll come back to them for all of my future video needs. True professionals.

Angi Comley

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