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Check out our latest video showcasing the stunning fall beauty of Veterans Park in the Pinnacle Community. From the vibrant leaves to the lively dog park and kids at play, we've captured the essence of this awesome neighborhood. Perfect for anyone wanting a sneak peek into life here, especially if you're thinking of making it your new home!


John Groft




Pre-Productions, Production, Post-Production



Project Objectives:

  • Create a visually captivating video that highlights the autumnal beauty of Veterans Park and the surrounding Pinnacle Community area.

  • Showcase key attractions like the bike trail, disc golf course, dog park, and areas where children play, emphasizing the community's appeal to potential homebuyers.

  • Capture the essence of the community during the peak of fall, with its vibrant colors and lively atmosphere.

  • Assist the realtor in marketing the community by providing a visually appealing portrayal of the area's natural beauty and amenities.

Content Planning:


  • Coordinated with the realtor to understand the key features of the Pinnacle Community and Veterans Park to highlight.

  • Planned a comprehensive shooting schedule to capture the peak of the fall colors, considering the limited time frame.

  • Prepared for extensive aerial and ground-level filming to cover the various attractions and natural beauty of the area.


  • Conducted aerial shots to capture the expansive view of the park and community draped in fall colors.

  • Filmed the bike trail, disc golf course, dog park, and areas with children playing, showcasing the community's vibrant lifestyle.

  • Focused on capturing the essence of the community's atmosphere during autumn, highlighting the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.

  • Adapted to the dynamic weather conditions and lighting to ensure the best visual representation of the fall colors.


  • Edited the footage to create a visually engaging narrative that flows smoothly, showcasing the community's attractions.

  • Applied color enhancement techniques to bring out the richness of the fall foliage and the area's natural beauty.

  • Added background music that complements the serene and picturesque setting of the video.

  • Optimized the video for various marketing channels, including social media and real estate listings, to reach potential homebuyers.


"The video project for the Pinnacle Community successfully captured the stunning fall scenery of Veterans Park and its surroundings. It highlighted the community's appeal, showcasing the recreational facilities and vibrant outdoor life. The video became a key marketing tool for the realtor, attracting interest from potential homebuyers drawn to the beauty and lifestyle of the area."

Lessons Learned:

  • Timing is crucial when capturing natural phenomena like fall colors, requiring precise planning and flexibility.

  • Aerial videography can significantly enhance the portrayal of a community's landscape and amenities.

  • Collaborating with real estate professionals helps in focusing on elements that appeal most to potential homebuyers.

Snaps From the Project

Loved the video, I'm looking forward to getting the other seasons covered too!

John Groft

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