I Am Enough

Experience the empowering visuals of Miss Tina Fondren's 'I Am Enough,' a music video that blends the vibrant urban art of downtown Lexington with the song's inspiring message. Shot against the backdrop of colorful murals and the serene Triangle Park, this video is a testament to self-acceptance and the power of believing in oneself.


Miss Tina Fondren




Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production


Music Video

Create an inspiring and visually captivating music video for Miss Tina Fondren's song "I Am Enough."

  • Utilize the urban charm of downtown Lexington, with its vibrant murals and Triangle Park, to enhance the empowering message of the song.

  • Showcase Miss Tina Fondren's artistic identity and vocal talent, broadening her reach to a diverse audience.

  • Produce a music video that resonates with the theme of self-acceptance and empowerment, aligned with the artist's vision.

Content Planning:


  • Collaborated with Miss Tina Fondren to align the visual narrative of "I Am Enough" with its lyrical message.

  • Chose visually striking locations in downtown Lexington, including expressive murals and the picturesque Triangle Park, as the backdrop for the video.

  • Organized a detailed shooting schedule to maximize the potential of each location, ensuring an efficient and productive shoot.

  • Assembled a skilled production team to support the project, focusing on capturing the essence of the song and the artist.


  • Conducted the shoot in downtown Lexington, leveraging the murals and Triangle Park to create a vibrant and meaningful setting.

  • Employed innovative filming techniques to capture the essence of "I Am Enough," focusing on the song's themes of empowerment and self-worth.

  • Focused on lighting and shot composition to complement Miss Tina Fondren's performance and the song's message.

  • Integrated the urban environment seamlessly with the musical and thematic elements of the video.


  • Edited the footage to craft a narrative that visually echoes the empowering message of "I Am Enough."

  • Utilized color grading to enhance the visual impact of the urban art and natural beauty of the park.

  • Incorporated dynamic visual effects and transitions to keep the audience engaged and emphasize key moments in the song.

  • Optimized the final music video for various platforms, ensuring optimal quality for social media, YouTube, and other digital channels.


"Miss Tina Fondren's 'I Am Enough' music video emerged as a powerful visual representation of the song's message. The combination of Lexington's murals and Triangle Park provided a unique and compelling backdrop, contributing to the video's widespread acclaim. The video not only showcased Miss Tina Fondren's talent but also resonated with viewers, inspiring them with its theme of self-empowerment and acceptance."

Lessons Learned:

  • Selecting locations that align with the song's message is crucial for enhancing the storytelling in a music video.

  • Close collaboration between the artist and the production team is essential to bring a shared vision to life.

  • Detailed planning and creative execution in filming and post-production are key to delivering a music video that leaves a lasting impact.

Snaps From the Project

Working with Verified Supreme Media on the 'I Am Enough' music video was an extraordinary experience from start to finish. The team's professionalism, creativity, and dedication to bringing my vision to life were nothing short of remarkable. They perfectly captured the essence of the song.

Miss Tina Fondren

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