New Top

Dive into the dynamic world of M. Dean's New Top a music video that captures the pulse of Lexington's urban landscape. Filmed in a gritty basement and an energetic gaming room, this video showcases a fusion of raw energy and cutting-edge style, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the track.


M Dean




Pre-production, production, post-production, Drone Videography


Music Video

Project Objectives:

  • To create a visually striking and memorable music video for M. Dean's track "New Top'".

  • Capture the energetic and dynamic essence of the song through innovative videography.

  • Enhance M. Dean's brand visibility and appeal to a wider audience of music lovers.

  • Deliver a high-quality production that aligns with the artist's vision and artistic direction.

Content Planning:


  • Collaborated closely with M. Dean to understand the artistic vision and thematic elements of "New Top'".

  • Scouted and secured two engaging filming locations: an atmospheric basement and a vibrant gaming room.

  • Scheduled the shoot to maximize the creative potential of each location, providing a clear timeline for efficient completion.

  • Assembled a skilled team, including camera operators, lighting technicians, and production assistants, to support the project.


  • Filmed the music video over several sessions, capturing the essence of "New Top'" in the contrasting environments.

  • In the basement, utilized moody lighting and dynamic camera work to create a visually compelling scene.

  • In the gaming room, captured the high-energy and colorful ambiance, aligning with the song's lively rhythm.

  • Ensured high-quality audio and visual synchronization, capturing the artist's performance with precision.


  • Edited the footage to create a cohesive and engaging narrative that aligns with the song's rhythm and mood.

  • Applied color grading to enhance the visual appeal and set the right tone for each scene.

  • Integrated various visual effects and transitions to maintain viewer engagement and emphasize key moments in the song.

  • Optimized the final music video for various platforms, ensuring high-quality playback on social media, YouTube, and other digital channels.


"M. Dean's 'New Top'' music video became a standout piece, showcasing our videography skills and his artistic talent. The video received positive feedback for its creative direction and visual appeal, significantly boosting M. Dean's profile. The basement scenes were particularly praised for their atmospheric and captivating visuals, while the gaming room scenes added a vibrant and energetic touch that resonated with viewers."

Lessons Learned:

  • Choosing unique and fitting locations is crucial in setting the right tone and atmosphere for a music video.

  • Balancing artistic vision with technical execution is key to creating a successful music video.

  • Effective team coordination and planning are essential in producing high-quality video content within a tight schedule.

Snaps From the Project

I love it man, for the budget I had for this project I couldn't have asked for a better production value on this. These guys are the real deal.

M. Dean

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