Jeep Tour (Local TV)

Embark on a thrilling journey with our action-packed Jeep adventure video. Showcasing rugged terrains and breathtaking landscapes, this video captures the essence of off-road excitement and the spirit of exploration, perfect for igniting the passion of Jeep enthusiasts and adventure lovers. There's no sound with this video, it was intended for use on local TV's that would not be playing sound.


Rock Bottom Adventures




Pre-Production, Production, Post-Productions



Project Objectives:

  • Create an exhilarating and visually engaging video showcasing the adventure and thrill of Jeep tours.

  • Highlight the rugged terrain and scenic beauty accessible by Jeep, appealing to off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

  • Deliver a high-energy portrayal of the Jeep experience, capturing the essence of outdoor exploration and adventure.

  • Support the client's marketing efforts by attracting potential customers and enhancing the visibility of their Jeep tours.

Content Planning:


  • Collaborated with the client to identify key aspects of the Jeep experience to be featured, such as challenging trails and scenic viewpoints.

  • Planned a dynamic shooting approach to capture the excitement and ruggedness of the Jeep tours.

  • Prepared for on-the-move filming, ensuring equipment and crew were ready for the demands of an off-road environment.


  • Filmed in various off-road locations, showcasing the capability of Jeeps in navigating challenging terrains.

  • Utilized a mix of camera techniques, including in-vehicle shots and external action shots, to capture the adventure from multiple perspectives.

  • Emphasized the natural beauty of the trails and surroundings, enhancing the appeal of the outdoor experience.

  • Ensured safety and coordination during the shoot, adapting to the unpredictable nature of off-road filming.


  • Edited the footage to create an engaging narrative that conveys the thrill and excitement of Jeep tours.

  • Applied color grading to vividly portray the outdoor environment and enhance the visual appeal of the video.

  • Added a dynamic soundtrack that complements the adventurous spirit of the Jeep experience.

  • Optimized the video for various marketing channels, ensuring it effectively reaches the target audience.


"The Jeep adventure video successfully captured the essence of off-road exploration, resonating with adventure enthusiasts and potential customers. The dynamic portrayal of the Jeep tours, combined with the stunning natural backdrops, resulted in a captivating video that boosted interest and inquiries for the client's tours."

Lessons Learned:

  • Capturing the spirit of adventure requires a flexible and creative approach to filming, especially in challenging outdoor environments.

  • Showcasing both the vehicle's capabilities and the natural setting is key to appealing to the target audience of adventure seekers.

  • Effective collaboration with the client is essential to understand and highlight the unique selling points of their adventure tours.

Snaps From the Project

Holy Sh*t guys... I wasn't expecting this. You actually blew my mind, i've been trying to get a video done for 3 months and you guys showed up and did it in a single weekend. Legends in my book, I'll be doing more videos with y'all for sure.

Chip Hart

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