UTV Tour (Local TV Ad)

Experience the thrill of the Red River Gorge like never before with our dynamic video for Out The Top Adventures. Capturing the heart-pounding excitement of UTV tours, this 4-minute video showcases the adventure and beauty of the trails, delivered with an impressive 2-day turnaround for local TV audiences.


Out The Top Adventures




Pre-production, Production, Post-production



Create a high-energy, engaging 4-minute video showcasing the thrilling UTV tours offered by Out The Top Adventures in the Red River Gorge.

  • Capture the excitement and adventure of the tours to attract and generate leads from local TV viewers.

  • Deliver a visually stunning "wow factor" video that highlights the unique experience provided by Out The Top Adventures.

  • Achieve a rapid turnaround time to meet the client's urgent need before the peak season.

Content Planning:


  • Coordinated with Chip, the owner of Out The Top Adventures, to understand the key aspects and adrenaline-pumping moments of the UTV tours to be highlighted.

  • Planned a dynamic shooting strategy to capture the essence of the tours, considering the challenging terrain and movement of the UTVs.


  • Undertook an adventurous and physically demanding shoot, maneuvering with a camera in a moving UTV.

  • Adapted to the environment by quickly hopping in and out of the vehicle and running up hills to capture diverse and engaging shots.

  • Focused on filming the tour guide and riders in action, ensuring to capture the excitement and scenic beauty of the Red River Gorge.

  • Utilized stabilization equipment and techniques to ensure high-quality footage despite the challenging shooting conditions.


  • Edited the footage within a tight 2-day turnaround, focusing on creating a fast-paced, captivating narrative.

  • Employed color grading and visual effects to enhance the natural beauty of the gorge and the excitement of the UTV tours.

  • Added a dynamic soundtrack that matched the energy and adventure theme of the video.

  • Optimized the video format and quality for local TV broadcast, ensuring maximum impact and appeal.


"The video for Out The Top Adventures was a resounding success, significantly exceeding Chip's expectations. The 'wow factor' video vividly brought to life the exhilarating experience of the UTV tours, leading to an increase in interest and inquiries. The rapid turnaround time was particularly impressive, showcasing our team's commitment and efficiency. The video played a crucial role in boosting Out The Top Adventures' visibility just in time for their busy season."

Lessons Learned:

  • Flexibility and adaptability in challenging shooting environments are key to capturing dynamic and engaging content.

  • Understanding the client's urgency and delivering high-quality work within a tight deadline can significantly enhance client satisfaction.

  • Creative filming and editing techniques are essential in transforming adventurous experiences into compelling visual stories.

Snaps From the Project

Holy Sh*t guys... I wasn't expecting this. You actually blew my mind, i've been trying to get a video done for 3 months and you guys showed up and did it in a single weekend. Legends in my book, I'll be doing more videos with y'all for sure.

Chip Hart

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